Femanie Alonsabe

Femanie Alonsabe is the current Math10 &11, Pre-Calculus 11 & 12 and Calculus teacher of the school. She finished her Master’s Degree in Teaching Mathematics (2014) at the University of Southeastern Philippines. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education (2010) at the University of Mindanao. Before going to China, Femanie had taught for 4 years in a public high school in the southern part of the Philippines and 2 years in the University where she got her Bachelor’s degree. For her first teaching experience in China, she was based in Shenzhen and has taught Math 10 & 11, Pre-Calculus 11 & 12 and Calculus in an international school with a Sino-Canadian Program. Femanie has teaching licenses from the Philippines and Nova Scotia, Canada.

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