Drama 10: 

Learning Outcomes:


1.students will demonstrate personal growth through drama.

2.Students will use drama to explore,formulate,and express ideas,perceptions,and feelings.


3.Students will be ale to respond with critical awareness to their own work and to the work of others.

4.Students will address problems and make decisions relating to their drama work.


5. Students will value cultural diversity and be able to demonstrate respect for cultural diversity in the drama context

6/Students will be able to interpret how drama celebrates,comments on, and questions issues and events in cultural and historical contexts.


English 10 plus: 


English 10 plus follows the English 10 curriculum but is presented over 220-hours supporting students who require additional time for learning and teaching in developing English language arts skills. English 10 plus is a two-credit course, providing students with one English credit and one elective credit.


Through English 10 plus, student will have extended opportunities to increase their literacy skills.


A key feature of the course will be an emphasis on student-centered, active learning. Students will have extended opportunities to meet the English language arts curriculum outcomes need to engage fully in the learning process in order to develop their strategies and strengthen their skills in each of the strands of English arts.


Science 10: 


The senior high science program builds on a foundational science course, Science 10. It is strongly recommended that all students take Science 10 as a prerequisite to mrs specialized study in science(s) in grades 11 and 12.


Science 10 comprises four compulsory units, each requiring 25-30 hours of instructional time.

Structure of the Mathematics 10 Curriculum:


The Nova Scotia curriculum is stated in terms of general curriculum outcomes, specific curriculum outcomes, and performance indicators.


Mathematics 10 comprises four units:

  • Measurement(50-55 hours)
  • Algebra and Number (50-55 hours)
  • Relations and Functions (70-75)
  • Financial Mathematics (40-45)


Physically Active Living 10:


This full-credit course is designed to engage students in a wide range of physically active experiences, with an over ally theme of exploring options and opportunities for being active for life, both in school and in their community. Physically Active Living 11 encompasses both and activity component and a theory component, with an emphasis on engagement in physical activity.


The activity opponent of the course is designed to provide opportunities for students to participate in active experiences that engage youth in traditional and non-traditional forms of physical activity. The theory component of the course will enhance student understanding of healthy eating, injury prevention, mental and emotional health, and addiction prevention highlighting the connection between healthy living and being physically active.


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