Welcome to the Jilin City No. 1 High School Sino Canadian Program website.  We work hard to provide an English immersion environment so that our Chinese students will be able to graduate with a Nova Scotia High School Diploma.  The program has been in existence since 2009 and we have been steadily growing and are getting ready to celebrate as another group graduates.  All of our graduates are attending post secondary studies with the majority studying in Canada at Canadian universities and post secondary institutions, although we do have graduates that are enjoying further education opportunities in Australia, Switzerland, France, and the U.S.

The Nova Scotia High School diploma program that our students earn encourages them to think and inquire, discuss and explain so that they will be prepared to enter post secondary studies in North America, or around the world.   Our teachers are qualified educators and hold  Nova Scotia teaching certificates as this is a requirement for employment .  Working as a team with our Chinese colleagues we carefully plan our lessons and activities so that students are given as much exposure to English as possible in social as well as academic environments.  They are learning about mathematics, the sciences, Canadian history as well as Canadian culture and world affairs.  They are learning to ask questions and give presentations, and to work in groups as well as individually. We believe that balancing our educational program provides variety and maintains motivation to learn.

It goes without saying that the academic subjects are an integral part of our program, however we also provide opportunities for students to participate in a plethora of celebrations and activities.  We hold Student Council elections once a year and these student representatives learn to become leaders by organizing fund raising activities so that we can support less fortunate members in our Jilin community as well as overseeing enjoyable extra curricular activities at Hallowe’en or St. Patrick’s Day.  In addition, the entire student body gets involved in the Christmas Evening celebration, Senior Prom, Terry Fox Day and Canadian Thanksgiving as well as theme days and athletic activities.

Encouraging these young adults to engage in their studies and become life-long learners is our goal.  Becoming responsible, caring, thoughtful global citizens who combine the best of our Canadian education system with the best of Chinese practices and attitudes has been truly remarkable and we have much to be proud of…as do they!

Daniel Fergusson, M.Ed